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Lookat allows you to follow each element of your composition in their movement. Just choose a layer and link it to a target, animate the target and your layers will come alive!

Try now!

You can simply animate one element and be astonished at how intricate and sophisticate will be your animations: not something that you can get with a normal timeline. Give it a try!


Follow 2d elements

With Lookat you can point all the 2d layers of your composition to the target you define.

Follow infinite elements

The amount of elements whom you can apply Lookat is limitless.

Customizes the view

Directs your items toward the direction you prefer.

Follow multiple elements

One target for each element? You can create different moving targets in your composition, just imagine all the possibilities.

Easy customization

Your elements may as well not be pointed at the target, but turn their back at it! Customize the orientation.


Lookat its free to use, and after trying it you may find yourself captivated!

Getting started

Ready to start using Lookat?
Follow this quick tutorial designed for you.
Just a few minutes separate you from learning how to use this plugin.

Install &

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Currently 1.0

Lookat is a free to use project. Download the plugin and install it in After Effects. Follow the guidelines from the installation file and start using Lookat.


Thanks for your support

If you're using Lookat in your projects, or if you just like the plugin, please consider donating at least 5 € so that PayPal commisions won't dry up your contribute.